Almost 20 years ago, founders Jen Musser and Jaime Robbins met at Gordon College located on the North Shore outside of Boston, Massachusetts.  After graduation, the two stayed in touch for a few years and then “life” happened (got in the way) and they lost contact with one another.  Jen and Jaime would exchange emails MAYBE once every two years.  Fast forward 15 years.  It was 2012 and Jaime was in the middle of her  “do I stay or do I go” time in her divorce and was searching for the answer.  On a rainy spring day, she found herself walking through the Gordon College woods with her dog, Kada.  She hadn’t been back in those woods and on that campus in years.  She needed to get away from walls.  Away from her same running route.  She needed air, trees, roots and dirt.  She needed freedom and an answer.  Jaime started reminiscing about the first time she had ever run those trails.  It was with Jen.  One day, Jen had made Jaime leave the indoor track at the gym and forced her to follow her up the hills and around the ponds and through the woods.  Jen was the first person who had ever introduced Jaime to “play,”  and the first person to put an emphasis on the therapeutic and healing qualities of moving her body and being outdoors.  

Then the very next day, “COINCIDENTALLY,” Jaime got an email from Jen.  It said, “Thinking of you.”  Jaime replied a few moments later that she needed advice.  Something was bringing them together and they opened to the flow.  Jen wrote back with her phone number.  Jaime called her and Jen said, “Before we go any further, you need to know that I’ve changed A LOT since college, I’ve been through some hard stuff and I’ve come out on a different side.”  Jaime said, “I need help finding my answers.”  Jen invited her to Long Island to visit and she went.  They hadn't seen each other in over a decade.  Jen had a three month old baby and there were yoga teacher manuals on her side table because she had just completed her training.  Jaime sat with her and drank red wine while they talked about all things faith, love, relationships, yoga, friendships, mindfulness, religion, spirituality, this life, and the next life.  They talked about their bodies, about food, about wine, and their feelings.  The next morning they woke up, went on a run, cooked breakfast, went for a long walk on the beach, cooked lunch, took a nap, went for another walk in the woods and then went home to cook dinner.  And they talked about what mattered, all over again. 

They were in awe of how many times they both said, “me too.”  Jaime brought fire, energy, and questions.  Jen had a steady flow, reminiscent of water, and offered profound guidance through simple questions, and silence.  

Their souls were (re)connected.  It was Jaime's vacation.  They decided to call their experience together, "Soulcation. "

Jaime left with an answer that she discovered for herself in her own moments of silence.

After their initial visit, they had 3 more private Soulcations.  A year ago, Jen and her husband Adam and her TWO kids, Wyatt and Lena went to Massachusetts for an extended weekend to be with Jaime, her husband, Mike and son Sam.  They talked,  laughed, cried, told stories, asked questions, walked on the beach, in the woods and down to the river.  They  cooked, drank wine, read their kids bedtime stories and then continued to talk about anything and everything all over again.  Without judgment.  Without shame.  Without explanation.  

Jen and Jaime  opened Soulcations up to the public as an organized retreat in September of 2017. They lead 3-4 Soulcations throughout the year.  

Soulcations are not a “yoga retreat,” but rather, a mini vacation where yoga is  offered, in addition to meditation, small and large group discussions, guided writing, cooking, eating, and simply being with one another.  It follows the same guidelines from their very first  Soulcation:  There is no pressure to do ANYTHING that you don’t believe is what you need (want to do).  You just get to come and be.  Without judgment.  Without shame.  Without explanation.  There is a space for each of us to come as we are; the essence of Soulcation.  

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